Be'eri Moalem
Violist, Violinist, Composer
Be'eri has been teaching since 1999 in both the classroom and 1 on 1 settings. He has taught at the Palo Alto Unified School District , Living Wisdom School, German International School of Silicon Valley , etc.

The curriculum starts with "Strictly Strings" for beginners; classic etudes (Wohlfahrt, Mazas, Kreutzer), Suzuki Books, Solos for Young Violinists and the concertos of Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart for intermediate and advanced students. The teaching style is influenced by the Suzuki, Kodaly, and Roland schools of music education, as well as traditional pedagogy tracing back to Beethoven and Bach, 

Educational Goals:
  1. Note reading-- learning music notation.
  2. Rhythm-- feeling a steady beat, working with metronome.
  3. Intonation-- pitch accuracy and ear training.
  4. Technique-- relaxed posture and smooth mechanics.
  5. Beauty of tone- personalized bow technique.
  6. Musical expression and understanding-- developing a love of music.

Be'eri also teaches music theory, improvisation and composition.

My students have gone on to play in the  Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra California Youth Symphony , Peninsula Youth Orchestra , El Camino Youth Symphony, and the Stanford Symphony.